SINCE 2016


SINCE 2016



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We are looking for partners who want to own a Amazon Merchant Fortune 500 store.


Our stores generates $40,000 - $100,000 net profit for our partner per year.

We handle all the work. 

The partner controls the money distribution.


1. Partner pays the store set up fee. (Contact us for the cost)

2. Our partner will set up a Amazon sellers account. ($39 a month)

3. The partner use their current business or establish a new D.B.A. or L.L.C. 

4. We will help the partner establish the license needed to work with the merchant accounts.

5. The partner will need to have a credit or debit card on file with the merchant account. (Minimum $2000)

6. Once the merchant account is approved. We will get the Amazon store up and running.

7. After 100 days the store will be in set in Amazon to start receiving frequent orders.

8. We will show you how to scale up your profits by using a third party banking company.

* Every time an order is placed on the Amazon store. The debit/credit card will be charged on the merchant side.

* Amazon pays the profits and merchant charges, every two weeks to the partner bank account.

* The partner will need to pay the amount charged off the debit/credit card on the merchant side. Then send 50% of all net profits to us. 

We handled the following below;

• Product research

• Inventory management

• Pricing

• Store Owner service

• Order processing

• Order tracking and confirm shipment

• Order tracking and confirm shipment

• Defense A - Z claim and charge back

• Authorized return request by 24 hours

• Data entry and excel files

• Responsible for paying any assistants

Partner handles the money distribution. 


The Amazon Marketplace is the largest online retailer. Made up of millions of sellers it will account for 31.3% of total e-commerce sales this year, according to estimates by eMarketer.

Amazon Marketplace Share of US Online Retail Sales.

At $175 billion, Amazon marketplace sales will make up 68% of the Amazon’s $258.22 billion total sales in 2018. Marketplace sales will grow 35.6% in 2018, double the rate of Amazon direct sales’ 17.5% growth. Combined, Amazon is expected to grow 29% compared to 2017.

Having a store on Amazon and partnering with a fortune 500 retailer puts you in the drivers seat to positive ROI.


Why do you need partners, wouldn't it be better to start more stores on your own?

Amazon only allows one store per person. If the person is caught with more than one store, he/she will be banned for life.

Why do you take 50% of the net profits?

Our staff does all the work and need to be compensated. The initials fee is to get the staff hired and trained to run your store with our guidance.

Can you teach me how to set this up?

No, we are only looking for partners at this time.

How long does it usually take to start seeing at least $2000 a month profit?

Usually after 100 days. The store takes time to get in right with Amazon.

I know you stated that the store can make minimum $40,000 a year net profit for the partner. What is the factor to earning $100,000 a year with the store?

A larger debit/credit card limit on file with the merchant. The more orders being placed, the higher profits we received every two weeks from Amazon.

Will I be able to open other stores?

You can open others stores in a spouse or associate name. Amazon T.O.S. States, one person per sellers account.




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7/24/19 offer

7/10/19 update

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5/10/19 - Nick & Raphael speak briefly on the partnership offer. 

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After 12 years in the industry, we decided to alter direction. Now, we share our passion by partnering with others. 

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Our track record is proven.  Contact us now to see how we can work together. 

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